Have you tried going to the gym to do your exercises with a hanging headset? It’s one of the most boring things there is because cable insists on screwing up braces, clothes, hair … but, on the other hand, you can’t do bodybuilding without that lively playlist to get you ready. So the best way is to have a wireless headset that won’t stop you from exercising while listening to the songs you love.

A great choice is the Xiaomi Air 2 bluetooth headset, which combines excellent sound experience with a host of features that will make your everyday life even more practical.

The Chinese giant’s Bluetooth headset features a high-resolution audio system, ensuring extremely rich, full-bodied bass sound with extremely clear high tones. ENC Noise Reduction technology, provides noise canceling and ensures that your voice comes out very clean, its dual microphone system allows you to talk quietly even in a noisy place.

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Headphones deliver clean, noisy sound and enable voice recording in noisy, noisy places. The usual battery life is 4 hours, but it can last up to 14 hours using the charging case. For timeless users, charging can be done via USB-C, with quick recharge.

Take Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 anywhere

For those who move around a lot during the day, the headphones will be no problem, because they are completely wireless, they have connection via Bluetooth 5.0 with the devices. Its range is longer, allowing the same handset to connect to multiple handsets at the same time.

Fast connection ensures performance and almost no read failure. With a voice system, users do not have to interrupt their activities to send a voice command directly to their smartphones. This makes it easy to answer calls, set the alarm clock, set calendar events, and many other features.

Is it possible to import with AliExpress

For those who want to import headphones, AliExpress is an excellent option with direct shipping to Brazil and Portuguese site. Its price is around R $ 195,00 for new users and is with free delivery to Brazil!