Facebook recently announced a new design to differentiate the company’s logos from its original app. “This change is a way of better communicating our ownership structure to the people and companies that use our services to connect, share, create community and grow their audience,” said Antonio Lucio, director of the cluster’s marketing division. However, what most marked this release was a misspelling that the company showed in an official image of the new identity.

The brand will be featured on social networks, other products and promotional materials that belong to Facebook.

According to the designers responsible for the logo, it will not have a definite color, meaning it can still receive different tone schemes. “We designed the brand to respond to its context and environment. This system allows the wordmark to take on the color of our individual brands, creating a clearer relationship between the company and the products we build, ”they said in an official publication.

Preview shows misspelling

Image result for Facebook mostra novo logotipo, mas erro de ortografia chama mais atenção

But not everything in the project announcement went as planned. In a previous rendering showing the logo application on the Instagram app, the word “password” – “password” in Portuguese – appeared twice spelled wrong, such as: “passwqord”.

Although the company team has already corrected this issue, the internet’s “eagle” look has been faster, and now the image circulates across multiple web pages.