Nowadays we need to be connected all the time. Most of the time, corporate-provided routers do not have enough power to provide wireless internet signal to any home or apartment. In other situations, it is still necessary to expand this signal to outside areas of the residence.

The Xiaomi Pro 300M wireless signal amplifier is one of the best equipment of its kind that you can buy in this price range. It is small, discreet and very efficient, containing two 2 dBi antennas.

The amplifier should be placed in a place where the router signal is working well, but from then on it will fail. Once this is done, the areas where the signal was weak will have better coverage with the signal amplification. The Xiaomi Pro 300M supports up to 64 connected devices, but for better stability, it is best not to exceed 24 devices at the same time.

Nowadays, we need the internet to do all sorts of activities: from communicating with friends to solving a serious problem with our bank or government portal, not to mention entertainment. Having a high quality and high cost internet plan may not compensate if the signal doesn’t reach all parts of your home. In such cases, the problem can be solved with a WiFi signal repeater.

The Xiaomi Pro 300M is a signal repeater that has two 2 dBi antennas (each) to improve power, 300 Mbps capacity and operating frequency up to 2.4 GHz. It supports up to 64 connected devices, so it won’t miss internet to anyone! To set it up, just install the Xiaomi Mi WiFi app on your phone and do everything wirelessly.

He is very small, light and discreet. Just plug it straight into the wall and it will start working. In this promotion, he has a 6% discount.

Design and screen

The Redmi Note 7’s screen is 6.3 inches in 19.5: 9 format. The resolution is Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels), which generates a density of 409 pixels per inch. Thee screen is expected to be of high quality and equivalent to other mid-range and premium smartphones on the market.

The design of the Chinese smartphone follows the trend of the thin-bordered and notch droplet-shaped screen. There is only a small cutout at the top, where the front camera is allocated. The same look is also found on Moto G7 Plus, Huawei P30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9.

The Redmi Note 6 Pro is one of the phones of the first official release of Xiaomi releases in Brazil, in partnership with DL Electronics. Before option for those who had a trip abroad, the smartphone can now be purchased in the official online store for $ 2,000 with warranty. The phone was already sold by stores in the gray market, so there is a wide range of cases compatible with its dimensions: 157.9 mm high, 76.4 mm wide and 8.3 mm thick. In the following lines, learn about eight case options for the model. Prices range from $ 5 to $ 65.

The Android device features technical data in the middle range, with dual camera in front and rear, and 6.26 inch screen with notch similar to the iPhone XS.

TP-Link Archer C60 Router is an option for sale in Brazil

If you prefer to buy a new router, a great option is TP-Link’s Archer C60. It is dual-band and supports connections up to 867 Mbps. Have a fast, stable internet and no delays in streaming games and content with this device.

If you don’t want to import or prefer to buy your gadgets from a national store, you can choose to buy TP-Link’s TL-WA850RE, which has features and price similar to the Chinese brand repeater