General Motors (GM) has announced a partnership with Google to bring the Android Automotive OS operating system in its vehicles from 2021. The new feature ensures optimized applications such as Google Assistant and Maps in the vehicle infotainment system. largest manufacturer in the world.

While solutions like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay bring a car-made interface and need a smartphone to handle app processing, Android Automotive goes further: the operating system is built into the vehicle and lets you run optimized versions of Play apps. Store without the need for a connected phone.

According to Patrick Brady, Google’s vice president of engineering, the company’s team is excited to bring together and deliver digital services.

GM representative Santigado Chamorro says the company listens to its customers and is complying with the request to integrate these features safely into vehicles. For him, Google is one of the best to offer a full service of voice, navigation and applications.

While for General Motors it may be interesting to improve the customer experience, for Google the advantage is also having more people using its Android ecosystem. This includes one of their biggest bet services, the voice assistant. In addition, of course, attracting more customers to the Google Play store.

The car giant has not revealed which models will receive the news, but said all its brands outside China will have options with the automotive version of Google’s OS. The company also showed conceptual images of its new system for connected cars.

Just like in the world of smartphones, Android Automotive is open and can be customized by manufacturers. With this, each automaker can bring improvements in their cars according to the user profile, without having to invest in an interface developed from scratch. The current edition of the solution is based on Android 9.0 Pie and is already present in vehicles from manufacturers such as Volvo.

Google Provides Android for Automotive

Google’s tentacles of influence have reached virtually the entire industry so far, but the tech giant is entering the automotive market stronger. Starting in 2021, giant car maker General Motors (GM) will use Google’s Android Automotive operating system (not the same as smartphone-focused Android Auto) to power its in-car monitors.

First of all, this news was first reported by CNBC. According to the news, this integration could be a beneficial situation for both Google and GM. So Google’s benefits would involve spreading Android to a wider audience, and GM’s benefits would involve delivering what its customers already want.

In many ways, versions of mobile car operating systems offer a much better experience than built-in alternatives. Consequently, this is one of the reasons why Android Auto devices and Apple CarPlay have become so popular.

General Motors software adaptations phase

To be clear, GM’s “entertainment” systems will continue to contain the company’s own applications and services as before (perhaps with some exceptions where compatibility becomes an issue). In addition, GM is likely to adjust the operating system to fit your design specifications and functionality requirements.

However, the main difference here is that Android features – such as Google Assistant, Maps, smart home control, and more – will now be available from the start and won’t need more work from GM or drivers. That way, you don’t have to turn on a receiver or use your smartphone just to access Google apps.