The innovation of mobile cameras has been one of the main goals of many companies.

Among the strongest companies in the mobile device market is Samsung, which has continued to work with ideas and solutions to increasingly improve the quality and versatility of imaging on its mobile devices. By 2020, the company can take the next big step by implementing and using a mutant camera that can make the feature more versatile, with greater focus and smaller optical parts.

The development of this type of technology has been planned since 2005, when Samsung began work to develop a mobile phone with a liquid lens camera and optical zoom capability. At the time, however, this type of technology was still too expensive and too large to deploy on mobile devices. Through a partnership with Varioptic, the company even announced that it would launch a handset with the feature later that year, but the plan did not materialize.

The proposal

Nowadays the only thing that sets a smart phone apart from a computer is the shell – inside they’re not that different. Motorola realized this and decided to offer several shells: these are two accessories that make the new Atrix phone a desktop PC and a netbook (more or less like those watches that changed bracelets).

As desktop

Connect the Atrix to the desktop dock (accessory sold separately), and it transforms into a real computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse outputs and a full version of the Firefox browser – with which you can access Flash content and use online services like Google Docs. Internet access is via 3G.

How to netbook

Atrix also has a portable dock (also sold separately), which is shaped like a netbook. Snap the phone on it, and voilà: now you have an ultra-lightweight 10 ″ screen and only 1 kg in weight. It also runs Firefox and has a 7 hour battery life (which, in turn, recharges Atrix’s own battery).

All in sync

The phone continues to make and receive calls when in desktop or netbook mode. And the documents you create in Google Docs are saved on the web and can be accessed anytime – from any machine.

Motorola Atrix, USA: $ 1,000 (desktop dock: $ 166; portable: $ 830),


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