Google Maps tests feature for users to notify them of works on any route within the city or on roads.

The function initially appeared for some people using Android Auto, and may soon arrive in the global version of the tool. In addition, several buttons related to traffic conditions are also displayed in the update beta, such as accidents, radars, slow stretch and the existence of works (see image below).

The feature is very useful as it can offer faster alternative routes to the user and make it easier to plan their route especially during travel. Importantly, however, the function is not exclusive to Google, as it has been present in Waze for years. Because it is still in the testing phase, it is not possible to tell when it will reach all devices.

Google Maps is testing a tool that notifies you, by notification, of the right time to get off the bus, subway, or train. The new feature, discovered by the TechCrunch website, should be useful to prevent the user from getting lost while using public transportation while traveling.

The feature is similar to the one presented by the Moovit app in 2015. What’s new is that in the Google app, people will be able to receive alerts even when their phone is locked, meaning they don’t have to have the app open on screen. For now, there is no information on when the function will be released to everyone and whether it will reach Android or iPhone (iOS) smartphones.

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According to the publication, the function is activated when defining the route in the application, just click the “Start” option that will appear at the bottom of the screen. When you turn on the tool, the app sends real-time route notifications – even when your device is locked. This will allow the user to know which point or station is right to jump from the transport.

The purpose of the tool is to prevent people getting lost in unfamiliar cities when using public transportation. Also, because of notifications, the function can prevent someone from getting past the point of sleeping on the bus on the way home, for example.

The feature is different from the one deployed in Google Now in 2014 because instead of relying on commute time to tell you the right time to go down, the tool will use your smartphone’s GPS. Thus, the function of Maps should be more accurate. This way, the app will offer a similar experience for those who use the app to drive, as well as those who walk around the city or use public transportation.

The feature is expected since the company purchased the famous GPS app Waze in 2013.

With the news, drivers will be able to notify other system users of the presence of; Speed cameras, accidents, roadblocks and detours, suggesting that they recalculate the route. to avoid the indicated location.

According to SlashGear, the feature has not yet been announced by Google. Anyway, the feature is being implemented for some users via server, and it is very simple to create an event:

 From the Contribute tab, you’ll see a new “Add a public event” button; (you may need to scroll down to see it) or the “Events” tab. After that, you fill in the default set of information: event type, location, time, and description.