An accident at a hydrogen producer in June in California, USA, is disrupting the lives of owners of powered cars and this type of fuel, forcing them to move around and keep their vehicles parked.

Vivian Knits, a former owner of a Toyota Mirai, said she was “forced” to switch her car to a hybrid Prius Prime model. Knits said he regretted having to do so, but continuing to pay for the “luxury car insurance” that was stopped was no longer convenient.

The accident happened in June of this year and left the filling stations empty – especially in the San Francisco region. As a result, drivers were forced to look for another form of transportation or change their cars.

The company that owns the blast site said it is ready to go back to work since August 30, but the Santa Clara City Fire Department said it still needs to do the latest safety checks before releasing it. the company for operation.

As a result, hydrogen-powered carmakers, such as Honda, Hyundai and Toyota, have since decided to provide rental cars to their customers, while the fuel supply is not normalized.

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The situation has been felt mainly due to the lack of more developed infrastructure for hydrogen powered vehicles. In addition, there are few existing refueling stations for this type of fuel. It is estimated that around 2,000 drivers – owners of models like Toyota Mirai, Honda Clarity or Hyundai Nexo – have been affected.

One way that automakers – such as Honda, Hyundai and Toyota – have found to lessen the impact is by providing rental cars to customers. The initiative will last until the supply back to local posts.

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