A big blockbuster between 1994 and 2004, in 2019 Friends celebrates 25 years of their American TV debut. To celebrate this important date, Warner has launched a sitcom-inspired app created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

Friends 25 features several interactive features with references to the program. In addition to themed stickers, it has funny filters like Ichiban Lipstick, Joey’s famous blue lipstick. Still, you can take a picture with Marcel – Ross’s famous little monkey – on his shoulder.

With that in mind, Warner, which has leased its studios to record the attraction, has released an app for Android and iOS that features fun features for users, including photo filters and games with questions about the series. The app is available in Portuguese and is completely free.

To download it, simply search for “Friends 25” in your mobile app store search and download it.

Test and find out how familiar you are with the sitcom, take photos with Ichiban Lipstick – Joey’s blue lipstick – and get access to a cookbook of all the foods that have gone through the series.

In addition, Friends’ 10 seasons are available on Netflix, another opportunity to commemorate September 22 by recalling every moment of this sitcom that has marked more than a generation.

Still in the anniversary mood of this worldwide success, Entertaiment Weekly interviewed the show’s co-creator David Crane as well as Bonnie Somerville, who played one of Ross’s girlfriends in season eight, Mona Klerklekken, and the two shared some unrevealed curiosities .

David revealed that one of Monica’s early scenes was almost censored by the NBC executive. That’s because the character had sex on her first date with Paul, the wine guy. This seems common nowadays on small screens, but in 1994 it was a widely discussed issue.

“When we were on the pilot, Don Meyer, who was then the head of NBC, had a real problem with Monica sleeping with a guy on the first date. He said, “We’re not going to like her, but we really stuck to that,” he said.

To decide whether the scene aired or not, managing director James Burrows did a pretty straightforward survey of the live audience watching the recording:

– The production gave the public such a distorted questionnaire. It basically said: when she has sex, is she vulgar? Is she a slut? David said.

Fortunately, the public response was very positive, so they decided to keep up the action.

Already Bonnie Sommerville commented on his participation, which initially would be only one scene, but eventually gaining greater importance. The actress commented that the production enjoyed the mood between Ross and Mona, and besides, David Schwimmer enjoyed acting with her. What a moral, right?

“Our relationship kind of continued, and I was like, oh my God, I’m going to be the seventh friend.” This did not happen, the artist joked.

Finally, the couple lasted only a few episodes of season eight and ended.

If you’re just like Monica and enjoy cooking for friends, the app has a curious cookbook inspired by the dishes in the series. This way, one learns how to make different Ross sandwiches and Phoebe pea potatoes.

Nostalgia with Friends 25

It’s impossible to be a fan of something and not get excited when you see any reference to the artist, or show you like. That way, Warner Bros. It was very accurate in assembling the Friends 25 app. In it, you’ll experience nostalgic moments with the various links and references that were made to scenes from the 10 seasons of the show.

But what will most drive the use of this new software is the many interactive features it has. In Friends 25, you will be able to apply effects to your photos that will make them very funny. For example, have you considered using the famous Ichiban Lipstick lipstick just like Joey? This is one of the effects that are available to users.

Another filter is Marcel’s. In the series, Ross Geller (character played by David Schwimmer) adopts a little monkey in the first season and usually walks with him on the shoulder. The effect available in the app is precisely to take a picture with Marcel where Ross used to upload it. For those who wish to test their knowledge, the app has an area with only questions about all seasons of the series. An interesting detail of this feature is that the answers appear along with portions of the program.

All in Portuguese, Friends 25 is available for smartphones with Android and iOS. So download this special app for fans of the show and have several hours of fun!

The 10 seasons of the famous sitcom are available on Netflix. So this is a great time to revisit the stories of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey.